Fenway Park ballhawking video

Do you remember the videographer that I hired to film me snagging my 6,000th ball on 6/8/12 at Fenway Park? Well, after a couple rounds of edits, the video is now complete. Here it is:

By the way, the videographer’s name is Adam “Ace” Spencer, and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs stuff filmed. He was reliable and fun to work with, and he totally understood my vision. I wonder if he’s willing to travel with me to other stadiums . . .


Great way to capture your moment of glory.

congrats on your milestone. too bad you can’t have a video guy there all the time, i so like the vibe.

You should do these videos all the time! They’re awesome! Congrats again on the milestone. I like Jhonathan Solano. He threw me a couple baseballs out of random when he was with Triple-A Syracuse. Hes a cool guy.

Cool. Audio is out of sync when I play the video on my laptop.

Are you going to any Orioles games this year? And whats the best way to get a ball at Camden Yards?

That’s pretty sweet. Come to Arlington so Ace can film you getting 37 baseballs.

Nice. Kim and I are so close to being in the Paula Abdul scene–we’re about 4 seats out of the frame at the top left, in loge 119, row EE. And I know I was there at that moment because I was taking pics of Abdul with Wally and never left my seat the whole game anyway. Maybe I’ll be in the Criterion Collection version.


I’d love to have a videographer with me at every game, but damn, can you imagine how expensive that’d be?

“All the time” is a bit much, but hopefully I’ll do a bunch a more.

The audio is fine on my laptop. Hmm. Is anyone else having that problem?

I hope to make it to Camden at least once or twice in 2012, but right now I have no idea when that’ll happen. Meanwhile, the best way to snag baseballs there is to read my old entries about that stadium. You can find a bunch here:

I wish.

Sorry you missed the cut. Next time . . .

It’s in sync on my imac. Glad nobody else is having that problem.

Hey Zack – You goin’ to Yankee Monday night? Also, you thinking of checking out the World Baseball Classic next Spring?

Love that video. I had to laugh when some guy said, “That’s his 5th ball already.” People were complaining at Fenway when I had 3!

I predict Mr. Hample goes to Baltimore for the Mariners series in August.

Want to hire me next summer to make videos like this for EVERY game?


Yes to Yankee Stadium. No to the Classic.

It was rather amusing. They weren’t pissed at me — just shocked.

I haven’t even looked that far ahead on the schedule, but that’s not a bad idea.

How much would you charge, and are you good at filming/editing?

Yeah, I didnt mean all the time, but like 1 every 2-3 weeks.

It could happen.

Are you going to fenway park on may 24 or 25 of the 2013 season

I have no idea. I haven’t looked at the 2013 schedule yet for any teams.

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