Citi Field bruise

Four days ago, I took a spill during batting practice at Citi Field. I knew it was bad at the time — slamming into a seat is never good — but didn’t think the bruise would end up looking quite like this:

Yes, I have big hairy legs and a tremendous farmer’s tan. Deal with it.


That almost looks like a Doppler radar storm tracker photo. Just saying.

Jeez, that’s a big bruise. I had a bruise that big once from ballhawking. Hope you get better.

Holy Cow!.. Owwwwwwwwwww I’ve never gotten a bad bruise at a game. A bruised ego… yes. Lol But I’ve gotten some bad cuts.

Ooooo, pretty!

Zack, what’s your worst ballhawking injury? Was it when you rolled your ankle last year at Citi Field? I once ran down a hill, fell, scrapped up my knee, and nearly got ran over by a car for a warm-up overthrow that left the park… it was worth it :-)

This is the last time I read your blog while eating dinner.


I want to punch you right on that bruise just to hear what cuss words you would say.

Ha, nice.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t hurt — not even when I press it hard. Very strange. It just looks bad.

Bruised egos are much worse.


You’re insane. My worst injury was the sprained ankle last year. The cracked rib in ’08 wasn’t fun, but at least I could still run around. I just had to try not to laugh or sneeze.



You’re evil.

When I went to games on 5 straight days, after the 5th one, I had a bruise that looked like that on the part of my leg that rubs against the seat when I climb over seats. It didn’t feel too nice.

Climb careful-er!

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