Baseballs in advertising

While flipping through Yankees Magazine for my previous entry, I saw countless baseball-themed ads, two of which caught my eye because they feature actual baseballs. The first one is extremely clever . . .

. . . and the second one pisses me off. Take a look and see if you can figure out why:

Did you notice the MLB logo on the ball? It has been Photoshopped, and it’s facing the wrong way. See what I mean? It appears on the ball where the Rawlings logo is supposed to be. If the MLB logo were flipped 180 degrees, then it’d be in the right place — but of course the portion of the stamp with the commissioner’s signature is missing.

Still, it’s nice to see baseballs in advertising, and I have a few more examples to share. As you might know, I’ve been saving magazines since the 1990s and using them to decorate. Check out this photo of my college dorm room and this photo of my previous apartment to see what I mean. Earlier this year, I started decorating my new place, and in the process of combing through hundreds of old mags, I found this . . .

. . . and this:

I also found two souvenir-themed ads (with photos that were taken in Anaheim). The first one has several inaccuracies (starting with the fact that these cars would be about 700 feet from home plate) . . .

. . . and the second one is just plain awesome:

You know what else deserves a thumbs-up? This photo from a fashion magazine:

Show of hands: who wants to see photos of my new place when it’s done?

Also . . . World Series predictions, anyone? I’m rooting for the Giants, but I think the Tigers will win in six games.


Hand. I’m rooting for the giants but I’m not going to make any predictions.

Hand. What is Bill Clinton saying?

Would like the giants to win, but I had a bet pre-season on the Tigers to at least place in the top 2.

My boy got his first foul ball off David Freese in the 6th game SF vs Cardinals, with the post season logo on it. Helped that he could scurry under the seats.

Do they have a separate logo for the actual world series final? Weve got standing room for the 6th (if it gets that far) and a new suit of body armor…..

“Would like the giants to win, but I had a bet pre-season on the Tigers to at least place in the top 2.”

So haven’t you already won the bet?

I have indeed. If they finish higher, though, I get paid more. I bet on a place and a win.

I, personally am rooting for the A’s in the World Series. My 5 least favorite teams are the Yankees, Rangers, Giants, Tigers, and Angels. This World Series is almost as hard as 2010 was for me.

hey Zack.i see we tied at 6 hr s this year.its TC from SD….Curt also got 6 but his are foulballs,can you see the player in the state farm ad in the red picture?i know who it is i think.#42?or is it a yankee? the anaheim ad is where the players park so it would be all lexus hummers and ferraris [bobby abreu].plus the balls would hit the back windows .lets go giants in 7,game 6 is on halloween, hope to see the fans in their costumes.

Zack, I’m going to my first ever World Series game tomorrow. Do they use the World Series balls during BP?

So, that’s one of the A-Rod girls right? Lol

Should be a great pitching series. I also am rooting for the Giants, but it seems the Tiger bats go a little deeper, and I doubt they will give away 10 charity runs, so…Tigers in 7, just because game 7’s are awesome!

ME!!!! *hand waving overhead like a 2nd grader who knows the answer*

Yeah, there’s a separate/commemorative World Series ball. The logo changes every year.

I have no idea what you mean by “the player” in the State Farm ad. I didn’t realize that you snagged so many home runs this year. Awesome. I think I might have beaten you with a tie-breaker, though: I got a 7th home run ball when Heath Bell tossed one to me from the bullpen in Miami. I don’t really count that, but nevertheless, it did happen. Meanwhile, what’s the story with the fences being brought in? I can’t wait to see the new design and how it’ll affect (y)our ability to catch home runs.

Nope. Gotta snag a gamer.


Tigers in 4!

Zack–in case you didn’t understand my Q, I was wondering what’s in the speech bubble next to Clinton in the dorm room pic.

As for the “State Farm Player,” maybe he means the figure you can see in the background, which might be on the reverse side of that page…..

It’s a bit early with baseball not even over for this year but do you have any idea on who is or might be doing commemorative balls next season?

Wow! Sure is great to see Zito turning it around. Hopefully Bumgarner will settle in.

Yes – every one will want to see…..

Have you heard about this “Moundball” game MLB is doing on Twitter? Basically, if the third out ball doesn’t end up on the pitcher’s mound (it’s thrown into the stands), MLB adds prizes to the pool. Once a ball is left on the mound, they select a winner. It’s a really strange game and I was curious to hear what you think about it. haha.

Garrett- It’s available on gameday also. It’s really stupid.

Guys, Moundball has been played by fans in the stands since the 1970s. (Here’s me talking about it on my own blog in 2009–and coming up with an alternative game: )

Zack, gonna audition for the MLB Fan Cave again or are you done with them and under the assumption there’s a conspiracy as to why you weren’t picked this year?

So much for that.

Oh. I was wondering what the hell you were talking about with Clinton. Now that I know, all I can say is that I have no idea. I’d totally forgotten about that until you pointed it out.

No clue. Maybe the Astros for their move to the American League?

MadBum’s looking (pretty) good so far tonight . . .

Well then.

I’ve heard of Moundball — it’s an old game, as Jere has already pointed out in a comment — but I didn’t know that MLB was doing it.

I’m not sure yet.

Great contest! It’s always good to see a struggling player turn his game around. And Romo is dealing pure wickedness also! That 0-1 pitch to Jackson in the 9th was truly a thing of beauty. We’ll see what they bring to Detroit! Go Giants!

As far as the Fan Cave conversation goes, feh. I thought it was much more interesting last year.

The woman who caught Sandoval’s 3rd HR got arrested for tresspassing after catching the ball!

Romo is the man. I loved his interview.

Interesting. But not surprising. That area is off-limits ALL the time, so why should it be any different during the World Series? AT&T Park is one of the most forgiving places in the majors — anything goes — so I forgive the Giants for cracking down in this instance.

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