Japion article

I’m big in Japan! (Or at least in the Japanese community here in New York City.) Remember when I tweeted two weeks ago about being interviewed for an article? Well, here it is in a free/weekly/local Japanese newspaper called Japion:

Evidently, this article is three pages, and it features several different collectors. Click here to see the whole thing on my website. Does anyone feel like translating it for me? More importantly, does anyone wanna tell me how awesome my pseudo Fu Manchu is?


Ok. That is the most awesome facial hair that I have ever seen on you. However, if you could get an amazing Rollie Fingers-like handlebar mustache, it would definitely be up there. When was that picture taken?

Ha, thanks. That photo was taken two weeks ago, and FYI, I had a handlebar mustache last winter. See here: http://i.imgur.com/HiwcT.jpg

I remember that mustache! You should grow it out again and curl it like Rollie did!

The problem with facial hair — at least on me — is that it’s creepy. Sometimes it’s fun to look (and even act) creepy, but sometimes I have reasons to appear young(er) and trustworthy. Therefore, I’m not sure how long it’s gonna stick around this time.

Nice mo Zack , but what`s going on under the cap ?

If you don`t shave you get 5-10 minutes extra sleep each morning so it really adds up.

Under normal circumstances, I only shave once or twice a week (maybe thrice during the baseball season), so I don’t really save THAT much time by completely (or partially) letting myself go. Thanks, BTW, for your generous donation to the charity. I see that it came through.

Mon plaisir , glad to help. Flat out at work so not really getting much time to do the little things that need doing.

Facial hair definitely makes you look older. Just ask my grandma! What does your t-shirt in the photo say/mean?

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