6/11/93 at Candlestick Park

You said you wanted me to blog about my one game at Candlestick Park, so here it is. The date was June 11, 1993. I was 15 years old. I was with my dad. And unfortunately this is going to be a VERY short entry because I only have two photos. Here I am standing outside the gates . . .


. . . and here I am during batting practice:


(In the photo above, I’m standing on the left, looking at the camera.)

I only snagged one ball that day, and I remember it well. It was a foul grounder during BP that took me by surprise and skipped right up to me out of nowhere . . . off the bullpen mound, I think. I don’t know why I was wasting my time in foul territory — perhaps because there was a separate entrance for the bleachers and I couldn’t get over there?

This was only the 6th major league stadium that I’d ever been to. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. All I can tell you is that the Giants beat the Cubs that day, 7-2, and when Barry Bonds homered off Dan Plesac, I was sitting somewhere between home plate and the 3rd-base dugout.

Finally, in case you missed it, I recently posted other/longer entries about old games in defunct stadiums: Shea, Tiger, County, and the Kingdome. More soon . . .


As I am relatively new to ballhawking, and don’t know much about the man behind the blog (Zack himself), I must say the the coolest thing that I read was the link and subsequent research of his dad, Stoo. As a person who loves humor, it’s very cool reading about an American humorist and then those “aha!” moments when reflecting back on some of Zack’s quips.

Zack, if you don’t mind me asking, how many games and stadiums did you get to go to with your dad?

Also, what was the temp that day? The jackets make it look chilly for June.

1993 team poster night, you can’t beat that.
– Chris

Being from the Bay Area, sometimes I miss Candlestick…then I’m reminded of the cold bitter windy summer day games there and glad I have AT&T Park to call home now!

nice post zack. u looked like a good kid (i might be wrong lol). can u believe that the mets and the yankees are spring training in florida? and the tickets for the front row seats are super cheap? anyway, for the glove trick, why do u hide the string? to keep it out of the way, or because security may confiscate it?

Nice Nikes

I wish you had a pic of you with Stoo at that game.

Easier to go nuts with digital cameras these days than it was with the old 35 mm back in the day wasn’t it ?

I’ve never been to Candlestick Park, but I think it’s cool that you were about my age for this game! From what I can see in that second picture, the LF line wall that you are standing by looks like the setup at the Coliseum. Like I’ve said, I love these type of entries!


hey you have hair.its TC from SD,I was at candlestick in 93 and 94.i sat right by that bonds squad sign and during the game barry hit an oppo hr right where i was sitting for 4 innings,then i had to go the mens room ,it hit my seat on the fly..i never should have missed a bonds at bat. should havewaited til he s batted….on another note the new seats in petco are going to be a party deck 4 sections long ,exactly like citi fields .dont know about ticket prices yet. it will be a group /party only.no stragglers…..i cant go to spr train yet the freeways are snowed over.closed to cars and i dont have chains

Thanks. That’s nice to hear. I probably went to 10 or 20 games with my dad over the years. I don’t know . . . maybe a couple dozen? It was cold at this game in San Francisco — probably in the 60s, but it felt cooler.

I wonder if I even bothered getting the poster when I first ran inside.

Bitter and summer — two words that don’t often go together.

Oh yeah, baby.

Me too. :-(

Yeah, just a bit.

Good call. It *was* somewhat Coliseum-ish.

Good habits start early.

You have to let me know about the new seats in San Diego. I’m really eager to hear how things change. Hope to see you this season.

the freeway from SD to Arizona snowed over?!? Crazy!!

We’ve been having some pretty nice Feb. weather here in Bend, high 50’s.

(I hope that lady didn’t trip over her laces on the way in…)

Please,Talk about a game in Montreal at the Olympic Stadium! It would be great

Ha, didn’t notice the laces ’til you pointed them out.

I already got a request for another old ballpark, but okay, I’ll add Olympic Stadium to the list.

Thank you!

How about you do your Riverfront/Cinergy visit? That would be a good one!

Sorry for the slow reply, but for some reason, your comment ended up in the spam folder. I was a semi-good kid. Let’s leave it at that. As for the string on the glove, it’s just a matter of keeping it out of the way.

My next “Turn Back The Clock” entry is going to be about Qualcomm (aka “Jack Murphy”) Stadium in San Diego. I do want to do one about Cinergy, though, so stay tuned.

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