250-pound rubber band ball

Here’s a video that shows me adding to my humongous rubber band ball. Just because.


So at this point it seems you can only use specialized extra large bands. I was wondering if you used regular bands hitched together, but I see now that would cause abnormalities in shape. Did you use anything as a core to get started, like a super ball, or just bands from beginning to end?

My ball is 100 percent rubber bands straight through to the core. Anyone who starts a rubber band ball with some other random ball or object in the middle . . . has no clue. This is what the center should look like: http://i.imgur.com/nrVBK2L.jpg

Hey Zack, I have a rubberband ball about the size of a small basketball. I was wondering where you get those rubberbands from since i may need to get those in the future.

I order the tan ones from a company in Pennsylvania called Frank Winne. (The minimum order is a case, which weighs 25 pounds.) I get the colored bands from a small distributor in New York City called Borough Supplies. I’d love to see a pic of your rubber band ball, BTW.

Alright, thanks. Here’s a pic of mine: http://i.imgur.com/Mrq6yQL.jpg?1

Nice!! Thanks for sharing that.

When is the last time you just happened upon a rubber band that you were able to add to your rubber band ball? And what brings you greater satisfactions (1) just finding a rubber band that you can add to your ball or (2) having to specially purchase rubber bands to add to the ball? Finally, if forced to either give away all of your baseballs or your rubber band ball, which would you choose to keep?

It’s been years since I found a normal band that happened to fit. Finding the bands is not about satisfaction, though. The ball itself makes me happy. I don’t really care where the bands come from, though I was glad when I found Borough Supplies a few years ago because my ball was all tan for a while before that. If forced, I’d give away the rubber band ball, but that would make me sad as hell.

How in the h*ll can you afford that apartment? Unreal. Must be $3,000 a month! Do they pay you in gold bricks at the book store?

Hey Zack! I GOT YOUR BOOK! And Subway Series tickets for the 30th of may at yankees stadium!

Diamond bricks, actually.

Sweeeet! I won’t be at that game, but that’s good, right? More baseballs for you and everyone else.

Zack, Thanks for the story. I posted it on my website http://www.radass.com Cool stuff dude. Not sure why but that ball put a smile on my face.

Nice! Thanks very much for posting about it on your site. I’m gonna send you an email with a few additional thoughts.

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