Citi Field weirdness from the sky

Last week, when I flew out of LaGuardia (for this game at Miller Park), I got a good look at Citi Field and noticed something bizarre. Check it out:


Do you see what I’m talking about?
Did you notice the infield grass and dirt?
Here’s a closer look:


Any theories?
Seriously, WTF?

Was the grounds crew covering (or uncovering) the infield dirt for a non-baseball event? I’m officially mystified, and in case anyone’s wondering . . . this is NOT Photoshopped. I saw it with my own eyes and grabbed my camera. Promise.


There was a soccer game there on the 2nd.

The only plausible answer is that Citi Field is doing a soccer friendly.

It was for a soccer game, between Israel and Honduras. They’ve done soccer matches in the past and also had a lacrosse game there in March.

Soccer . . . well, that would explain it, but wait, why would they cover the infield dirt instead of just playing right over it? (I’ve seen old footage of NFL games being played on infield dirt at MLB stadiums.) Thanks, everyone, for the explanation. I should’ve known, but I’d never seen anything like this.

Whoa! How have I *never* seen that before? Thanks for the pics/links. Very cool.

Well, I’ve heard that when the Jets would play football at Shea Stadium (where the dirt was uncovered) that the field conditions were awful. The infield dirt was hard, it would blow everywhere, and it hurt to slide into (or get tackled into.) The New York Jets used this as home-field advantage.

When I was there, they kept talking about some international soccer game that would be played there sometime in June.

they do it so that the players don’t have to go from grass to dirt, which they aren’t use too. Also the grounds crew doesn’t want the lip between the grass and dirt to get messed up.

A lot of stadiums to that for non baseball stuff. I remember seeing a soccer game on TV at Busch stadium. Very strange. Must be a nightmare for the grounds crew

Aliens. (I’m gonna say what many idiots would say.)


Hey Zack,

To answer your question from 6 days ago, you had two of the five stadiums that I haven’t been to right: Marlins Park and Target Field…the other three: the Oakland Coliseum, Minute Maid Park, and Petco Park (I’ll be in San Diego August 3-4 for Yankees-Padres, so four to go after that!) Sorry for the late response was just in Pittsburgh for a few games (PNC is unbelievable; second time I’ve been) and at Citi Field Tuesday night. Possibly going to Philly sometime soon, and have already been to Fenway, Camden, Arlington (tour in March), and the Bronx this year as well. Do you know what Yankee or Met upcoming games you will be at? I’m assuming its pretty much whenever you are free. I will probably be at the Yankees-Rangers game on 6/26 for my birthday and one of the games during their long homestand in the beginning of July.


With the Mets 25 and 39 maybe they have seen the light and decided to go for a residential development on the site rather than a baseball stadium.

It was for the Israel-Honduras soccer match (which I attended) it just won’t work to play soccer on infield dirt

I think you’ll find that it’s called a FOOTBALL match guys. I’ll let you off because you made baseball…….

Your football is our soccer. Our football is your soccer.

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