Look for me on TV . . .

I’m still working on my blog entry about the helicopter stunt, so in the meantime, here’s a quick heads-up on what I’ll be wearing tonight at the Home Run Derby at Citi Field. I’m planning to rock the yellow Homer Simpson shirt . . .


. . . and red BIGS Sunflower Seeds cap:


Got it?
Yellow shirt.
Red cap.
Look for me on TV.

I don’t want to reveal my exact seat location, so let’s leave it at this: pay extra-close attention when the lefties are up.


sweet! i was wondering what you would wear. obviously something awesome

Hope you actually have a pepsi porch ticket and not a standing room ticket or anything else since there not letting anyone without Pepsi porch tickets into the concourse up there.

Good luck and bring that huge glove!


I justWant toSee what yourhaving for lunch HiGarfield

Did you see the guy in Cleveland yesterday who caught 4 foul balls during the game against the Royals? Talk about a ball magnet. WOW.

Hey Zack, it’s Meggie. Would love to meet up with you sometime tonight. I’m already at the ballpark.

How do you get these tickets every year?

you were just on sportsnation man! the number one “play” on their countdown!

Zack, not sure if you caught it, but there was an article about you published in the Newark Star-Ledger today.
Cool piece, and it didn’t make you appear insane. Good luck tonight.

That shirt is so bright that I can see it in Australia.

Z-Man, they say that what that guy did with catching 4 foul balls in one game is one in a trillion. http://www.kansascity.com/2013/07/15/4345144/one-in-a-trillion-chance-comes.html#
Big Glove Bob

Wear a jersey u goof

…I looked for you the whole night, but I thought that you would be wearing your BIGS outfit. I recorded it, so I’m going to re-watch it to look for yellow! I saw *Devin Trone* snag a Cespedes HR ball towards the end of the event…he was wearing his L.A. Dodgers gear…I was happy for him!!!

Zack, just spent an hour reviewing your website, and your FAQ (well, you actually have more than one, I read the 8,283 word* one entirely and then saw the other one relating to the “Watch with Zack” program), and one of them told me to make a comment rather than send email.

I live in Philadelphia, am a Baseball coach for my three sons (tried to get my daughter involved, but no luck), and love snagging baseballs- and giving them away (when warranted). Oh yes, while not an Arkanoid expert, I did come 4th in the world in Golden Tee (in 2004). That’s not a lie.

Email is in the data submitted for this post. Would like to expand your nonprofit/baseball reach as that is exactly what I am passionate about.


*ps – I only counted 8.175 words in the blog, 8,197 when you include the header ;)

Hey Zack,
It’s Nick. Still can’t believe I met you yesterday. I was shutout, but my friends dad who works for MLB brought me a all star ball in a case.
How many u finish with?

…you should have been “Rocking” METS GEAR…that’s your city!!!

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