7/23/13 at Citi Field

This pretty much sums up my day:


Here’s a summary of what happened:

1) The Mets took BP for 12 minutes, during which I got a toss-up from Jeremy Hefner and caught two Marlon Byrd homers on the fly.

2) The grounds crew pulled out the tarp, and then it rained . . . briefly.

3) I was not happy.

4) I got a pre-game toss-up from Justin Upton on the 3rd-base side.

5) I gave two of my baseballs away and sat in left field during the game. It was boring.

The end.


Short, sweet, and to the point. Nothing wrong with that.

Like watching grass grow or snails graze.

^^^^What Garrett said….Wait, not even a food picture? How are we supposed to live our dream lives vicariously through you when there are no food pictures? (JK, it’s all good.)

This is the stuff of legends.

…OUCH!!! I hate those games…No BP blows!!!

…at least you didn’t get shut out, and you caught 2 HR balls on the fly! :)

At least u didnt get shut out, i mean i was skateboarding in Queens yesterday and the rain just started coming down. Then, it stopped after like 10 minutes.

Finally got to take my son to a MLB game (Rangers). His 1st ever; my 2nd! & though there was no batting practice, we got a baseball! We now have *just* 2 MLB balls thanks to hints in your books & on your blog! THANKS @zack_hample!

…if I catch a Home Run Ball on the fly, or get a MUD RUBBED BALL at the game, I am the happiest guy in the world!!! :)

Nice one Liz , well said.

Zack, help!
I looked thru all the citi field ticket sources like mlb.com, stubhub, mets.com, and so on but all the tickets are expensive. But then again, i see that u have cheap seat. whenever u go to citi field or yankee stadium, which result in more snags. Which section do u sit in? cause its coming up as $75 for a left field ticket at citi field. but i see that ur blog features photos of ur tickets and the price is usually like $15 for u. how do i hget a cheap $15 ticket and snag homers?

You should get this post published.

Thank you for supporting my brevity.

You want food? Ohhhhhhhh, I’ll give you food. Wait ’til my next entry . . .


True, it could’ve been a lot worse.

StubHub is the way to go. Outfield tickets at Citi Field are cheap as hell. At Yankee Stadium? Not so much.

You want food too? Oh ho ho.

It IS published — right here on my blog.

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