Pedro in the house!

I forgot to post this photo in my last blog entry (because it was on my phone), but it’s never too late for Pedro Martinez. Check it out:


I took that photo when he was entering the stadium at around 4:40pm.

That’s it for now, and by the way, I’ll be at Citi Field tonight (and tomorrow and the next day and maybe the following two days after that) . . .


Pedro. I love Pedro Martinez

When I was at Fenway in May, he was shagging during bp.

Hey Zack, random question, but do minor league players toss 3rd out balls into the crowd? Also, I don’t know if you saw, but I finally snagged my first ball! only 7,036 baseballs to go!

Me too. He was always really cool to me.


I think they do, but I’m not the one to ask because I hardly ever attend minor league games.

Yankee, it depends on the team, but yes, minor leaugers do toss 3rd out balls into the crowd. Usually to kids

Hi im Ned. Wondering if you were going to the mets vs marlins game on the 14th. I have a copy of the baseball that i want you to sign plus i have reading this blog for a would love to meet you

Nope. That’s my birthday, and I have other plans, but hopefully we can still meet up some time. I got an email from someone named Ned, and I assume it was you. I’ll answer that soon. Gotta work on my new blog entry first, though . . .

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