Opening Day ticket for Australia

Look what found its way into my inbox last night:


Baseball in Australia, baby! Here I come!

18 days until I leave.
20 days until I arrive.
23 days until I’ll be running inside the Sydney Cricket Ground.

I kinda wish I’d gotten hard tickets instead of e-tickets, but whatever. Just being there is the most important thing.


If you want a hard copy, bring the paper just incase, but go to the ticket window once you get there and say you forgot your ticket at home and was wondering if they could print one up

hopefully 0 days of snow. I’m just done with it.

I opted for the hard tickets. Hopefully, they are winging their way across the Pacific to my door…………

Hola Zack. Sorry . meant hey Zack . ( Spanish habit proving hard to break ) . Finally awake after travel fatigue. We opted for ticket hard copies but haven’t arrived yet over here. Guess they’re sending etickets first. Looking forward to Opening Day here too. We put a new blanket in the dog kennel for you to sleep on. How’s that for hospitality ! All systems go for your trip ” Downunder ” . Better practice walking on your hands , being amazed at toilets flushing anti- clockwise and being in a country with virtually no people ( compared to NY that is ). Weather been a bit cool lately , so chuck an extra jumper in the bag. All in all , should be great time of the year. Going to put a few extra sessions in at the gym and do some work on the heavy bag to be in shape for dealing with Australian sports fans. Just kidding. Very concerned to see your namesake Zack Greinke pull up lame with a ” calf strain ” after today’s game. Hope he’s not setting up an excuse to pull out of the games in Oz. Looking forward to some quality baseball being played and hope they won’t send a team of less talented players. Good to see Arizona taking it seriously. Guess you can tell who I’ll be cheering for. Fair bit of publicity for the games in the media at the moment , mostly surrounding certain unfortunate comments by Mr Greinke. Can’t believe baseball season has come around so quickly. Oh well , good times on the way.

Have a great time!


I doubt that’ll work, but I’ll keep it in mind. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a ticket after the first game and/or get one by asking around. If not, I might make a little sign and try to buy one after the second game.

Nope. More snow on the way.

Let me know when you get them. I’d love to see a photo or scan of what they look like (barcode omitted, of course), so I can kick myself for what I’m missing.

Spanish, English, Australian . . . it’s all good. You can make me sleep anywhere as long as I’m protected from nature. Let me know when you get your tickets. As for Zack Greinke, wow, what a schmuck. He’s an embarrassment to people named Zack. Do you get a sense that Australians are excited about these games? Or is it mostly foreigners who will be attending?



As of when does the Ashburn Alley gate open only 2 hours before game time…?

Why can’t it just stop?! My algebra teacher’s 5 year old son asked her, “When will it be summer?”. That’s when you know there has been too much snow.

I just looked it up, and it says two hours. WTF? Have the Phillies finally changed it? I don’t know what to tell you, but from the looks of it, it’s about to get worse.


Hey Zach, its Nick again, I just want you to know that it was deffinitly Anthony Rendon who hit that ball, I know every way the Nats bat because I see so many batting practices

I mean definitely. I will be at the Nats Spring Training this Friday, so I hope to get some balls there

Good luck ballhawking Zack!

Thanks for letting me know. If you get a chance, I’d like to hear how things went with the Nats.

That is awful. I heard about this last week, but didn’t know the guy had lost baseball stuff.


Too bad they weren’t hard copy. Hopefully you snag one out there. I’ll be watching for you at 4am back in NY!

– Chris

You’re really gonna stay up and watch?

Hell yeah, it’s baseball!

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