New video about my collection

This was filmed last week by a guy named Ruaridh Connellan, who works for Barcroft Media. Given the fact that he didn’t attend a game with me to get any footage, I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out, but he grabbed some clips from my YouTube channel and put together a really fun segment. Take a look for yourself:

In case you’re wondering, the scene in which I was half-buried on the floor required approximately 1,500 baseballs. Also, for the record, my girlfriend doesn’t hate me or baseball as much as her short interview would lead you believe. Before we started dating, she discovered my last name . . . and Googled me . . . and still decided to throw herself at me, so even if she did hate baseball, this would all be her fault.


Great video! I’d like to point out a couple funny things about it;

1. “The moment I step into a Major League baseball stadium, it seems like everyone knows who I am.” Including the players!!!

2. The lady at 2:56.

nuf said


Also will you be at the Mets game Friday?

Thanks! To address your various points . . .
1) Unfortunately the players. It seems that when they recognize me, it means I’ll rarely get a ball from them ever again.
2) Ha! Good find.
3) Yup, I’ll be there (unless it rains).

How fun is that? How did he hear about you? And while I sympathize with Hayley, in a few years she will be grateful that you have an all-consuming hobby that allows her (H)ample time to pursue her own interests. Take my word for it, Hayley! Hang in there, girl! 2:56! Hahahaha.

I think he found me through a random internet search for “guy with most baseballs” or something like that. (H)ample time — I like it. Thanks on Hayley’s behalf for the wisdom and encouragement.

Hey Zack,
This doesn’t have to do with this post, but after reading about some of your trips to Fenway Park (non postseason), I noticed that you get into the park a lot earlier than when the gates actually open. What do you have to do to get inside so early?

You need to buy a Red Sox Nation membership and line up about three hours early outside the center field gate.

Hey Zack,

I am friends with a worker from Rawlings and asked him about the commemorative balls and when they will be used. Here is some info that I have received:

1. A commemorative 9/11 ball may be used on 9/11/14.
2. A special “Star Spangled Banner 200 Years” ball is in the works to be used on September 14.
3. On September 17, a ball might be used commemorating Roberto Clemente Day.
4. Towards the end of the season, Derek Jeter retirement balls may be used in games. Exact dates not determined yet.
5. Towards the end of the year, Bud Selig Retirement Balls may be used in play.

Hope this helps.



Adding to the previous post, I forgot to mention one thing. The Padres have started using Petco Park 10th Aniversary Balls in games.


This is amazing info. Thanks so much. I have a friend who is also in touch with some Rawlings people. He saw your comment and would love to get in touch with you. Would it be okay for him to email you? (When people leave a comment, their email address shows up in a separate message to me, so if you’re okay with it, I could easily pass along your contact info.)

I am on vacation now, so I can’t get in touch. However, my friend has a website where he posts ALL of this info. Here it is:

Look there if you want notes.

Your welcome for the info. I’m so glad that this helps.


I just spoke to my friend. He said that it isn’t okay to spread his contact information or for anyone to get in contact with me, because then I could spread information too early that could get leaked. However, he told me that I could hook everyone up with next year’s commemorative ball lineup in December and more as the season goes on. If I leak it and it spreads, he could get in serious trouble. Just letting everyone know. :)

Stephen, I’d be very interested to learn who your friend is that’s claiming he owns the fantastic and super helpful website, BigLeagueBaseballs. Please email me at your earliest convenience at: Info (AT) BigLeagueBaseballs (DOT) com. It’s concerning to me that someone else is claiming ownership of my company’s site and my property.

Okay, thanks for letting me know. I love the website, so when you mentioned it, I was wondering if your friend is Zach. But now I see that Zach has also commented here. Not sure what to make of it, so I guess I’ll let you guys figure it out.

Whoa. I hope everything’s okay and that this is just a simple case of miscommunication.

Wait… I just spoke to him and he said that he RECOMMENDS that web site. Must of heard it wrong. Anyway, he told me to confirm that the info can very possibly be true. Sorry for the miscommunication. Well Zack, now you have some more commemorative balls to chase! Good luck! :)

I see. That 2014 list is a combination of confirmed game balls and ideas I come up with each season. I don’t expect any of those remaining events to feature a ball – nothing has been confirmed on them. The last confirmed ball before the postseason and WS was the Helton. Plus the Jeter might still be used at some point.

HA 7th or 8th grade me made it into this video :)

That’s a famous photo. I’m glad it made the cut.

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